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I just had a revelation.

Society has lied to us and we have believed it. We have been told, and even good people have believed, that guilt trips should be ignored and guilt by association is not fair. These are lies that take the focus off the one who is guilty and turn it back on the one who is pointing out the problem, which allows the one who is guilty to avoid taking responsibility for their problem.

I say, guilt trips occur when the one who is guilty realizes it. The one who is fulfilling his responsibility does not feel guilty when the problem is addressed. They call that “preaching to the choir”. We have been told that guilt trips are intended to cause regret–a lie. Guilt should convict us to repent. Regret is about dwelling on the past. Repentance is about changing for the future. If you feel guilty, then you can do more.

I say, guilt by association occurs when someone chooses to associate with someone who is guilty–duh! Friendship is shared by like-minded people. You can also judge godliness by association. A guilty person will not be able to stand the heat of a godly circle of friends for very long.

Take responsibility for your guilt. Do not regret, but repent!

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