A couple months ago, I went over to my dad’s house to help him clean out his garage (which already happens to be clean; there is a rumor they even vacuum it lol). A man walking his dog came toward us. As he passed by, he just stared at us, as if he was studying our every move. I bet he was thinking, Hmm, I should go clean out my garage too. I looked down the street, and saw other people cleaning out their garage. I said out loud, these people are conformists!

After Thanksgiving, I went over to dad’s to help him put up Christmas lights on the shrubs and bushes in the flowerbed in front of their house. As he put so much effort into that little piece of earth, as I carried boxes and boxes filled with “stuff”, as I thought back to my earlier visit to the same neighborhood and how people are living by a standard they see on Target commercials or from watching their neighbors, I saw exactly what is happening in America.

As you can see by looking at all those leaves, my dad is actually doing more than just tending to his garden.

We are spending our effort, time, and money on caring for the little garden in front of our house (What, so the neighbor across the street can see it?), when the world is caving in around it. Nothing wrong with having a garden or clean garage lol, but it is a lie of society that stuff like that should be number one on our priority list. We can be so wrapped up in our own little world, when there is something happening out there way beyond ourselves.

Can one person make a difference? Yes, but you might have to totally change your mindset on how you spend your time and money. Instead of buying that new lawn ornament, give that money to an important cause. Instead of going on your dream vacation, give your time to pursue your dream.

There is a time and place for buying things and enjoying free time, but the times in which we live require that we also give time to what really matters.

Making a difference might require that you spend less time and money on fixing the little piece of earth in front of your house and more on cultivating the world around it.

One step at a time, you can.

  1. Sue Kimball
    January 6, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Saw a video on GodTube about starting in your own neighborhood.We did not put up a treeduring my time with God one morning He led me to Jeremiah 10 I thought about customs or traditions and saw what effort we put into it all sometimes we are not even showing love to our families because we gotta carry on instead of saying I was visting who doesnt have a family or sharing about Jesus taking more time in developing a realtioship instead of a tradition.I realized how it feels better to love instead of bitter and resentful when I have to take the tree down by myself and do all the work of putting it all away on an already tight schedule.I saw how over the years the decorations cookies clean house and putting expectations on the ones I love knowing they could not begin to be everywhere in that oneday. I was not loving them according to the Love Chapter I was in love with the ideal Christmas instead of loving like Christ wanted me too!!!

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