When the e4 project was introduced, I immediately identified with the 4-step process, because I am living it.

Photo: 9-12 Tea Party, AP

1. Enlightenment

The 9-12 Tea Party in Washington, DC was my aha moment. It was a typical Saturday at home; I flipped on FOX News, and they were covering the 9-12-09 event. Up to that point, I was not a fan of Glenn Beck. In fact, I happened across an old facebook status of mine from July 17, 2009, reading, “he might be right, but I’m not a big fan of Beck.” Not sure why; maybe it was an impression. But all that changed on 9-12 when I saw what was happening in DC. I knew right then, and still remember it like it was yesterday, that something was happening in the country, and Beck appeared to be leading the charge.

2. Education

I began to watch and listen to the Glenn Beck Program differently than I had any other program, because I was using it to educate myself for a purpose. The York 912 Patriots would later serve as an important means of education for me. I still remember my first York 912 Patriots meeting last year. By the way, I have had plenty of opportunities to start my own groups with people I have assembled over the years, but have always said, this is not about starting a group. Organizing alone is not the answer to our problems; people are the key. But there is something different about the York 912 Patriots. I knew something bigger was happening through them, and immediately made it a priority to attend their monthly meetings.

Photo: 8-28 Restoring Honor, AP

3. Empowerment

When Beck started talking about the Restoring Honor Rally on 8-28, I determined to be there and take a few friends. So many people wanted to go; one carload turned into several, and it took off from there. On June 29, 2010, which is my birthday, I chartered a bus from the Red Lion Bus Company, which eventually turned into three 55-seat motor coaches–something I had never done before. 8-28 was the first time in my life that I felt I could make a difference.

4. Entrepreneurship

My enlightenment, which led to my education, which led to my empowerment, has led me to create the Advancing Honor Rally–something I have never done before. I believe this day will inspire someone in the crowd, who, for the first time in their life, will believe they can make a difference.

It’s Your Time…

Have you had your aha moment? Maybe it was 9-12, 8-28, or you just had it reading this.

Read the York 912 Patriots Facebook Page. Attend the York 912 Patriots Monthly Meeting.

Have you been empowered? Maybe it was 8-28 or will be 5-27. You can make a difference.

You might doubt your ability to create. Don’t–one step at a time, you can. We will help you.

The e4 project, as seen in the photos above, was presented on the Glenn Beck Program.

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