It is hard to believe I started exploring the prospect of having the Advancing Honor Rally just about 4 months ago now–and the most surprising aspect as I look back–not even 2 months after the Restoring Honor Rally on 8-28-10.

Having never done something like this before, I recall the mental juggling act, Do I first secure a venue, then a musical artist? At the same time, I can’t sit around and have all the artists book their schedules for 2011 while I wait for a venue confirmation. Then I thought, what if I book an artist, but can’t get a venue?

I took a step of faith (and risk), believing the two would come together. Little did I know they would come together so perfectly within 11 days of each other and just under 3 weeks from the time I started thinking about having the event. It sure didn’t seem that easy at the time and felt a lot longer than 3 weeks!

At the beginning of my search for an artist, I pursued one in particular and had the hardest time communicating with their people, at times never hearing back from them after having positive talks days earlier. I was thinking, are they all this hard to get!

Then out of nowhere I thought back to a Michael W. Smith concert I watched via webcast, featuring American Idol Finalist Phil Stacey. It was another one of those aha moments. Not only that–my very first phone call to Phil Stacey Productions set into motion what would become an agreement. Knowing what I know now about him as a person, I am so happy he is performing on 5-27.

As I look at the songs we’ll hear that night, I realize now that he was meant to be the one performing on 5-27. This will be one of the most inspirational nights of 2011. This night will inspire someone in the crowd, who, for the first time in their life, will believe they can make a difference.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/advancinghonor.

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