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Sitting at dinner, a friend told me something I have not forgotten and use as inspiration for what I have stepped out to do. They asked, “When you lie down for bed that evening, when the rally is over, what will be going through your mind?”

Every time I think of that, I think about what I want to feel and know to be true at the end of the day…

that I did my best

that I had fun

that throughout the entire process, I took time from the stress of the planning to focus on the spirit of the purpose

that I allowed God to use something of mine to accomplish something for Him

that I said everything I was meant to say for the sake of that one person in the crowd who was meant to hear it

that I made the most of the opportunity to advance what I experienced on 8-28

I want everyone involved with the planning to feel the spirit of the Advancing Honor Rally.

Always remember why you are doing something, and you will do it right. It may require that you pledge to your cause your life, your fortune and your sacred honor, the epitome of 5-27.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/advancinghonor

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