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Yes, the tea party and NAACP, democrats and republicans are all participating in the same rally, the Advancing Honor Rally on 5-27-11, along with the entire community that might not belong to any of those interests, but simply wants to enjoy a special Memorial Day Weekend event featuring American Idol Finalist Phil Stacey at Sovereign Bank Stadium in York, Pennsylvania.

How will this work? What does this mean?

First–what it does NOT mean–it does not mean the tea party, NAACP, democrats, and republicans are going to find some way to water down their belief system just enough to compromise what they stand for politically.

I am not one who feels we have to kiss the feet of opposition to get them to like us; that is not the goal here. By the way, want a simple approach to life? Love everyone, speak the truth to everyone, don’t try to convince everyone, get along with almost everyone (Eph. 4:15-16).

As we bring together people from different walks of life, we all have been quick to point out that we fundamentally disagree on the issues to solve our political problems, but that this event has a specific purpose that we are capable of showing respect and looking at other people as human beings. It is more about a reflection of us as human beings.

This rally is obviously different than a traditional rally, because we are including family entertainment. The goal is that as we point out our different labels now, along with the message that we are coming together as moms and dads, families, and Americans for one night, that we have a program lined up (i.e. the message and music) that appeals to a general audience.

It is not so hard to believe how the tea party and NAACP could participate in the same rally when you understand that people are more important than politics and those people are willing to leave their labels at home and bring their families to an inspirational event that benefits everyone.

We advance honor, not through a particular political agenda, but in how we live our lives.

Two more servants of civility

Tea party, NAACP seek common ground

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