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I was reading a novel, set in the end times, about a Muslim couple, who came to Christ after He appeared to them.  They were drawn to His compassion–something foreign to the brutality of Islam.  A series of events led the Iranian government to start a manhunt for this newly converted, Christian couple.

The couple knew they could not stay where they were and they had to leave, but were not sure of what God had planned for them.  What were they supposed to do next?  The wife said to her husband, I think we should ask Jesus.  They asked Jesus, fully expecting that He would show them the next step; their lives depended on it.

How often do we pray, not really expecting anything?  It’s simply what we’re supposed to do and have always done.  We figure our prayer goes up into the sky somewhere or we sit absentmindedly during every prayer time.  Maybe we don’t pray much at all.

We need an awakening in hearts and minds, like we had on 9-12-01.  Americans were not unified by the terrorism of 9-11-01, but rather by the faith that rose from the tragedy.  Glenn Beck wrote, “Americans have never been unified by our politicians, but rather by our common values.”  At the Advancing Honor Rally on 5-27-11, we declared that politics is not the answer.  Faith is the answer.  Hope awakens a life.

After finishing the novel, I thought, What is my next step?  I thought back to the woman in my book, who said, I think we should ask Jesus.  I did, and the next morning, Wilmington, Ohio came to mind and what I told the woman on the front row of Glenn Beck’s show, who volunteers in the Wilmington House of Prayer.  I told her back in December, I want to bring a group from our hometown to see this town and serve in some way sometime this summer.

I immediately had assurance of my next step.

The other half of a miracle

I saw genuine miracles on my last trip to Wilmington, Ohio, and here at home upon starting our own Red Lion House of Prayer—not the kind of miracles for which man gets credit or does something erratic, but the kind for which only God could get the credit.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GO TO WILMINGTON, OHIO we are organizing travel and hotel accommodations for you, for a reasonable price TBD.

WHEN Friday, September 9, 2011 through Sunday, September 11, 2011

ON SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 11 we are attending the 10th Anniversary Commemorative Service at the sight where Flight 93 went down in Shanksville, PA. The commemoration will begin around 9:30 AM and end around lunchtime. We will then have time to view the memorial before heading back to York. More info

I believe we will see miracles on our trip to Wilmington, Ohio, and that our trip will launch a year of awakening hope in the lives of the people of our community.

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