Wilmington House of Prayer

God uses simple things in life to communicate great things to man. We just have to be mindful of them.

The morning after the Restoring Honor Rally on 8-28-10, I was driving to church and reflecting on hope. Sitting at a stop light, I saw a hot air balloon gracefully rising over the horizon.

I thought to myself, Hope Rises, just as the sun and that hot air balloon were doing that morningIt was a new day for America.

The evening of 9-15-10, I was driving to dinner out and reflecting on hope and that hot air balloon. Amid that very thought, I looked out my window and saw a hot air balloon rising over the hill. I was blown away by the “coincidence,” almost serving as a reminder that Hope Rises!

The day after the Advancing Honor Rally on 5-27-11, I was driving home and listening to Chris Tomlin’s song ‘I Lift My Hands’ on the radio. If you know the song, you know where I’m going with this. The very moment I heard the line of the song, “Let faith arise,” I caught glimpse of a hot air balloon rising over the treeline in front of me. It was meant to happen. Faith Rises!

I have no idea what this all means yet or where it is leading. I am just following God’s breadcrumbs to His purposes. I about fell over when I found this on the side of the House of Prayer in Wilmington, Ohio. If you can see, notice the man on the ground letting go of the rope, releasing the balloon to rise.

What makes this sighting more significant is that I already had a special bond with this house of prayer, witnessed miracles through it, and started another house of prayer in Pennsylvania because of it. I had caught glimpses of this image before, but never realized its meaning until after my other sightings mentioned above and never realized it was actually on the house of prayer until this particular trip in August 2011.

I don’t know what this all means, but you can’t just ignore that it is happening. So far, we have Faith Rises, Hope Rises–both tied to hot air balloons. What’s next?

Something is coming!

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