Want to get a feel for what this “occupy movement” is all about?

Just survey these headlines or dig deeper into the stories linked with them.

Look at the facts in the words of those behind the movement.

This is just the beginning.

Vatican Support

  • Wall Street protests gain Vatican support Read
  • The next story is not out of an end times movie. This is real life! 
  • Vatican calls for global authority on economy, raps “idolatry of the market” Read

Islamic Support

  • “It has become clear..many of the demands of OWS parallel those of the NY Muslim community.” -CAIR, group w/ties to radical Islam Read
  • Twitter: “Chants of ‘We are Tahrir Square’ after announcement that Tahrir will march in solidarity with us!” -Occupy Oakland

What part of this is not clear? GBTV.com

International Support

  • Why would other nations march in solidarity with OWS?
  • Grassroots? Occupy Protests Spread Worldwide. Demonstrations Planned in 82 Countries on 10-15-11. Read

As of 10-26-11: 40 days 2,511 arrests – 62 arrests/day – 1 public defecation – 4 rapes – $3.4 million in extra costs to the city -GBTV.com

Charges against OWS. GBTV.com

Organized not by students nor spontaneous.

More. Also, OWS organizer & SEIU’s Stephen Lerner, back last spring: Read

Occupy supporters, do you endorse or condemn OWS organizer & SEIU’s Stephen Lerner’s call to collapse the stock market through this movement?

A local occupy supporter, Scott, responded to that question on the Occupy York facebook page this way: “to respond to fellow asking about solidarity with OWS on breaking banks with an absolute: yes break every single one of them

The primary organizer and founder of Occupy York added, “I agree Scott.”

What is Occupy York’s view of capitalism?

More charges on OWS. GBTV.com

Occupy supporters, do you accept or reject the Nazi and Communist Parties’ endorsement of the OWS movement? Read

Additional items..

What is up with all the Ron Paul supporters at the protests?

Huckabee: What does occupy movement want? OWS supporter: They want forgiveness for their debt. Huckabee: Isn’t that a bailout? Me: Is that really what you want?

Imagine the fallout if a tea party rally looked like this, from Occupy Oakland..

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