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A few of us sat down around the table for dinner and fellowship one evening, like we always do. Then something happened we were not intending.

Matt set this picture on the table, and it rocketed the rest of our conversation in a totally different direction, down a path of inspiration and clarity for what we were to do next.

Step #4 – God uses simple things in life to communicate great things to man.

We just have to be mindful of them. Expect the unexpected. When you’re not convinced of your next step, it’s okay to stop moving, but don’t stop looking.

What is even more interesting about this picture is that Matt felt led to draw it on his own, with no intention of ever showing it to me. Matt creates numbers and numbers of drawings, and I see them all the time, piled on his desk, hanging on the wall.

But one day, I was over at his house and happened to glance down at his desk, and a particular picture–not even a third of the way finished–immediately caught my eye. I said, “Matt, there is something about this picture. I think it is the best one you have ever done.”

So, back to the night that we were around the table–we knew then that it is more than just a good piece of artwork, but a miracle. It tells a story. You can see the joy on their faces, celebrating the freedom of their country, illustrated by the freedom of the open farmland around them.

American Joy is a key to what made America great.

Psalm 37:23 says, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.” And the Lord might use something as simple as artwork to serve as a “road sign” on your way.

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