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Matthew Meckley has been quietly working on a drawing, the sequel to American Joy, and here it is. The drawing is named, “A Firm Foundation.” Meet Ruth, Benjamin, and Elizabeth! They are childhood friends, making their own music outside of a one room schoolhouse in the country.

I had no idea what Matt was putting on this piece of artwork, let alone that he was even working on something. I was blown away by what I’m about to tell you. The day Matt said he had a surprise and sent this to me, I had just visited a one room schoolhouse out in the country that very morning. I remember standing there at the schoolhouse and thinking, it was in schoolhouses like this one where the foundation was laid for my grandparents’ generation and way of life. A foundation on which God was still welcome, the Pledge of Allegiance still meant something, and character is what mattered.

Compare that one little room to the multimillion dollar deficits of public education today. Are we building the same foundation today?

Here are some photos I took of the schoolhouse and the wide open, Ohio country around it.

My grandpa’s farm at one time (below)

The road there and back…

One more thing about “A Firm Foundation,” the drawing–Matt made two girls and one boy making music together. It took me back to my own childhood days when my sister, cousin (female), and I started our own southern gospel group at Grandma’s house. We even sold cassette tapes for profit. We were convinced we’d go big time. Like Ruth, Benjamin and Elizabeth, we used our energy to create something of real value (maybe not talent…okay, definitely not). Oh, and Grandma’s house happens to be in the same area as the schoolhouse and where I was when Matt sent me this drawing.

May this drawing always serve as a reminder for those who see it, to build a firm foundation in your life and that of your children’s. It may require tracing your steps back to a time once lived on a small country road.

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