Wherever our country goes from here, I do not know. I do know that what I heard on Saturday night, July 28, 2012, in Dallas Cowboys Stadium is the answer to what is coming our way.

Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love event was not just an event; it was a message for these times.

As tens of thousands gathered in a stadium to hear this message, it felt like what I imagine it was like to hear George Whitefield speaking to the masses on a hillside. It was not just another thing to do on a Saturday night; it had a purpose that is meant to be applied.

There are a lot of people on TV and elsewhere, who complain about the problems in our country, and these same people would not even consider attending an event like Restoring Love. Don’t they know the answer is here? Then I remember what David Barton said- 25% won the American Revolution. We don’t need every American to get it; we just have to be it ourselves.

Nor do we need the media, which is easier said than believed, I think. Many of us have fallen prey to society’s lie that if we see it on TV, then it must be legit. And it’s almost like we’ve been waiting for the media to get our message, embrace it, and tell it the right way. I’ve come to the conclusion, as have many others, that we don’t need the media or government to recognize an awakening for it to be reality.

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Here are some of the words from Restoring Love that I believe will have a lasting impact…

Witness the Third Great Awakening!

History is a guide. It is not a guarantee.

All they saw was a blank canvas and they filled it. And so shall we.

The moment we won our freedom, Congress printed this Bible.

You’ve already won…just get out on the field and finish the game.

History tells us when we have both the good and the bad…we stand and we mark our place.

To restore our purpose as a nation, to remember who we are as Americans.

We must not become America in name only…I charge you…to act, to commit, to shape our future.

Some succeed…those who fail have failed because they waited for someone else to act.

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I was moved by the video showing the things that made America great. As culture abandons them, our charge is to restore them.

Are you among the Americans who will have rallied around this message when our country needed it most?

I am. History will show that Restoring Love was the right road.

We heard a message for our time from the person appointed to give it.

It will have a lasting impact.


The Greatest of These

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