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It happened when we least expected it.  Two separate circumstances outside of our control brought us both to the same place at the same time.

On Sunday, November 25, 2012, we met “by accident” over lunch at her parents’ house (I go to church with her parents).  For her, it came about because she was dropping off her nephew that day.  For me, it came about because on the Sunday her parents originally wanted to invite me over, I rushed out of church to purchase concert tickets that just went on sale, because I thought they would sell out.  So they never had a chance to ask me until the Sunday they were meant to. 

Abby and Me

I remember walking into their house.  When I first saw Abby (this is the point at which you would expect to read something like “it was love at first sight,” but not here), my first thought was, “Oh, there’s some person’s daughter,” and not with any interest on my part.  That was it and maybe it’s my funny way of translating that I wasn’t expecting such a large group at lunch.  Plus, after ‘’Hello,” she hardly acknowledged that I was in the room anyway…at first.  The first thing I noticed about Abby was her bright personality. 

The lunch was going very well, her mom and I were doing most of the talking (We had some great conversations, or should I say “many,” as you will soon learn why), and then Abby started to slowly enter my radar as we made more eye contact and exchanged more words with each other.  There were several occasions, and Abby will tell you the same thing, when she said something, and I was like, “Holy Cow, I was going to say that same exact thing.” 

We ate our food fairly quickly, but the lunch and conversation kept going, and going, and going…  It was sometime after 5:00 PM when I suggested that it might be time for me to go, but her mom was quick to dive into another great conversation.  I felt rude for trying to leave.  I remember thinking, “Do they always eat lunch this long?”

As the hours passed, Abby eventually moved over to the chair beside me.  I remember at one point she mentioned that she was single.  I don’t know if that was a hint or not, but I took it that way.

If lunch had not been for such an unusual length of time, I know Abby and I would not have had the opportunity to connect like we did, at least not on that day.  Long story short, as a result of that lunch, I asked her out for coffee and water (this has its own story) the following Saturday, and here we are today.  I thank God for her.  She is a miracle from Him.  He did this.

After I left their house that day, I went to my parents’ house to watch our favorite show, Once Upon a Time.  I walked in the door just before 8:00 PM when the show starts, and they were like, “Where were you?”  I sort of smiled and said, “Lunch.” 

That is, The Seven Hour Lunch.


To Abby, I love you!  -Andrew

  1. Emily
    March 13, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    Very sweet! 🙂

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