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I should be going to bed, but I wanted to write some of this down.

We see what ISIS is doing. There were around 1.4 million Christians living in Iraq pre-our 2003 invasion there. Now, 12 years later, that number is down to as low as 260,000 Christians. We may have meant well for the region, but that is what is happening. Not sure what it means yet, but we played a role.

Our government is currently negotiating with Iran at the same time Iran states the complete destruction of Israel is nonnegotiable. But this same government will not tolerate a baker who doesn’t want to make a cake for a gay wedding.

We’re hearing what’s happening in Indiana. Travel boycotts to the state by other state governments?

We do live in that crazy world that we thought we’d only see in a Hunger Games movie. While all of it happens around us, we’re tuning into Ellen DeGeneres for a good belly laugh; we’re amusing ourselves with beauty pageants and talent shows. In many ways, we are those same peopleĀ from the movies. The best of us. Gluttons for pleasure while all of it happens around us.

Sometimes when I see what evil is doing around the world or in our own families, I get angry. When I want to be, I am the best prosecutor and just want to rip shreds into every argument that evil can offer. Peter from the Bible might have something to say about that though. Or Gideon. The balance between justice and mercy is a daily battle for me. Jesus is the perfect example.

There is something we can do. Like Esther, we are alive at a time like this. We can say something. We can — we must — start in our own home. I love the discussions Abby and I have together. She has so many important things to say. We have something called the Internet. We can pray.

Trust God.

  1. Lori Ziegler
    May 27, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Andrew,
    This is Lori Ziegler from House of Hope York, PA. I remember seeing you last year at Summit Grove family camp I believe it was last year anyway they go by so fast and my memory is not what it use to be but I believe you mentioned you were heading in a new direction. Can I ask what are you and Abby are doing at the present time? I would love to chat with you. Please call me at 717-887-2359 when you have time. Gods Blessings!
    With all my heart, Lori Ziegler

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