about andrew tome

Today, I am exploring God’s purposes for my everyday life. I have a stronger sense than ever that we need to remain connected to what is authentic and what really matters. I have a burden to remind others of what has been forgotten.

I like to go running, listen to music, The Blaze TV and follow current events. I like Nascar and Cleveland pro sports. Some of my favorite places are Cleveland, Ohio, where I attend sporting events. Greenville, South Carolina, what I call the buckle of the Bible Belt where I was born and went to college. The mountains of Pennsylvania, a great place to get away. I love the excitement of the big city and the adventure of the country. I like any place where history lives.

Abby and Me

Over the last couple years, I organized the Advancing Honor Rally at Sovereign Bank Stadium in York, PA, at which we brought together people from different political persuasions to focus on what made America great. Then we did the Awakening Hope event in Spring Grove, PA, at which we brought together different people of faith to focus on what will make America great again. My story has been featured on the Glenn Beck Program and the Gary Sutton Show.

Random fact. LeBron James gave me the headband he wore in his very last game in Cleveland as a member of the Cavaliers (the first time around).

Some things that left an impression on me. My grandpa’s life is a memorial to be the America of our grandparents again. My grandma’s life is an eternal reminder to always take care of family. My principal in high school taught me things I now pass on to the next generation today. Dr. Bob Jones III, chancellor of my university, instilled strength in me through his chapel messages to the student body. Kinsey Schofield encouraged me to start up this website.



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