awakening hope event

For about a year, I had a burden that we need to return to the days of Peter and Paul of the Bible, in the way they cared about every church, not just their own. They traveled from church to church collecting money for the church in Jerusalem. Today, churches have closed themselves in to their own four walls. I was racking my brain- how can this be done today without losing organizational lines or losing members of one church to another, etc. Then it became clear- through an event.

So, I began searching for the right church to reach out to. Then I heard stories through the rumor mill about a pastor and church in Spring Grove, PA. Right away, I knew I was supposed to talk to this pastor. I’m not sure how you start a conversation with “Hi, I’d like to have an event at your church…” but I did, or something like that.

The primary purpose of the event was to give the community a way to remember the 9/11 attacks on our country by gathering together and leaving with hope. An underlying mission of the event was to bring people from around the county to this church for one night, raise money for the church on this night, be an encouragement, and then go back to our own churches after the event.

We live in a world where church disunity is a problem which is only growing. How can we stop that and be a force for unity? What are we advancing? Unity or disunity? If there is disunity in the church, and I leave the church because of it, am I not only adding to the disunity? We need to mark our place for what is good and stand with churches like this church.

On September 7, 2012, we raised over $700 for the little church. The church, that usually has 17 people attend its services, had a full room of 71 that night. God is involved in the affairs of His Church. I am so proud of everyone who was involved in Awakening Hope.


Spring Grove, 2012

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