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9-7-12 – An Event

Every year around September 11, we take time to remember the fallen. The day America changed. Many of us still turn to faith in something around the anniversary. Our hearts still soften to the reality that so much of our existence is really out of our control. But tragedy is not the end. Patriotism is not the sole purpose. There is a deeper meaning behind 9/11. As we turn to faith, on what do we plant that faith?

On September 7, 2012, our community will gather together for one night to remember 9/11/01, but this event will awaken a deeper hope in people that will excite them for their future in America. We want to give the community a way to remember 9/11 by gathering together, and not only that- leaving with hope. Awakening Hope is the sequel event to the Advancing Honor Rally at Sovereign Bank Stadium that took place on May 27, 2011.

“A Way to Remember” by Matthew Meckley

Friday, September 7, 2012

7:30 PM-9:00 PM, Doors Open 6:30 PM

Free, Open to the Community

At New Beginning Assembly of God, 223 W Jackson St, Spring Grove, PA 17362

The event will include inspirational music, special speakers, a fun presentation for children, a special cause behind the event that will soon be announced, and more.


Did you know that at the corner of Ground Zero there stands a church? Not just any church–the church where George Washington dedicated our nation to God after his inauguration as the first President of the United States of America. What’s more, the same church actually owned the field that is now Ground Zero at the time of the dedication.

As we remember the fallen, it takes us back to our foundation as a nation, to what happened in that very same spot in a little church. That is why we’re having Awakening Hope in a church. We will remember the fallen, our foundation, but I believe Awakening Hope will kick start something we haven’t seen a whole lot of since 2 Corinthians 8 was written. More on that to come.



June 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Matthew Meckley has been quietly working on a drawing, the sequel to American Joy, and here it is. The drawing is named, “A Firm Foundation.” Meet Ruth, Benjamin, and Elizabeth! They are childhood friends, making their own music outside of a one room schoolhouse in the country.

I had no idea what Matt was putting on this piece of artwork, let alone that he was even working on something. I was blown away by what I’m about to tell you. The day Matt said he had a surprise and sent this to me, I had just visited a one room schoolhouse out in the country that very morning. I remember standing there at the schoolhouse and thinking, it was in schoolhouses like this one where the foundation was laid for my grandparents’ generation and way of life. A foundation on which God was still welcome, the Pledge of Allegiance still meant something, and character is what mattered.

Compare that one little room to the multimillion dollar deficits of public education today. Are we building the same foundation today?

Here are some photos I took of the schoolhouse and the wide open, Ohio country around it.

My grandpa’s farm at one time (below)

The road there and back…

One more thing about “A Firm Foundation,” the drawing–Matt made two girls and one boy making music together. It took me back to my own childhood days when my sister, cousin (female), and I started our own southern gospel group at Grandma’s house. We even sold cassette tapes for profit. We were convinced we’d go big time. Like Ruth, Benjamin and Elizabeth, we used our energy to create something of real value (maybe not talent…okay, definitely not). Oh, and Grandma’s house happens to be in the same area as the schoolhouse and where I was when Matt sent me this drawing.

May this drawing always serve as a reminder for those who see it, to build a firm foundation in your life and that of your children’s. It may require tracing your steps back to a time once lived on a small country road.


December 20, 2011 1 comment

A few of us sat down around the table for dinner and fellowship one evening, like we always do. Then something happened we were not intending.

Matt set this picture on the table, and it rocketed the rest of our conversation in a totally different direction, down a path of inspiration and clarity for what we were to do next.

Step #4 – God uses simple things in life to communicate great things to man.

We just have to be mindful of them. Expect the unexpected. When you’re not convinced of your next step, it’s okay to stop moving, but don’t stop looking.

What is even more interesting about this picture is that Matt felt led to draw it on his own, with no intention of ever showing it to me. Matt creates numbers and numbers of drawings, and I see them all the time, piled on his desk, hanging on the wall.

But one day, I was over at his house and happened to glance down at his desk, and a particular picture–not even a third of the way finished–immediately caught my eye. I said, “Matt, there is something about this picture. I think it is the best one you have ever done.”

So, back to the night that we were around the table–we knew then that it is more than just a good piece of artwork, but a miracle. It tells a story. You can see the joy on their faces, celebrating the freedom of their country, illustrated by the freedom of the open farmland around them.

American Joy is a key to what made America great.

Psalm 37:23 says, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.” And the Lord might use something as simple as artwork to serve as a “road sign” on your way.


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As you follow “God’s breadcrumbs,” be willing to change directions along the way.

Step #3 – If you’re not convinced of your next step, you don’t have to take it. Stop and consider it, but don’t stop looking.

So, I stopped, and as I waited, another idea came to me. Any idea with any potential tends to CLICK in my mind, like you know it’s right.

Each of these ideas that CLICK often tend to fitly join together in the end. As I explore this new path, I haven’t forgotten what step #3 would have been, because it might have a part to play at the end of the day.


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When you have an idea, start, even when it doesn’t make sense. Be confident you will accomplish what you are meant to.

Step #2 – Look for “God’s breadcrumbs” along the way. Be willing to follow them and also backtrack if you find they weren’t from Him.

As I had a burden to go back to the days of Peter and Paul in building up fellow churches–not connecting the two–I started planning an event. It came together when I read Galatians 6:10. You will see how in step #3. I don’t know if step #3 is going to even go my way. I’ll know in a week.


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As the journey begins to awakening hope in the hearts of people again, I am going to track the process for you here, to serve as a blueprint for whatever it is God produces through us.

Step #1 – Start, even when it doesn’t make sense. Just start.

Start talking about your idea, even when people react with a funny look, blank stare, or “Yeah, that’s nice.” Start planning, even when you don’t have all the pieces. Start creating, one step at a time. It will seem outside the box at first, but that is exactly what you want.


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Miracles Happen

Miracles happen. Do you believe that? I do. I’ve seen them on this adventure that began one normal Saturday in September.

Have you seen miracles? It might require that you step outside the box and “follow God’s breadcrumbs” to places where no one is required to go and few ever do.

Expect miracles–not just to see them, but have God use them. Join the adventure. Stamp this message on your life: Miracles Happen Outside the Box

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