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April 2, 2015 1 comment

I should be going to bed, but I wanted to write some of this down.

We see what ISIS is doing. There were around 1.4 million Christians living in Iraq pre-our 2003 invasion there. Now, 12 years later, that number is down to as low as 260,000 Christians. We may have meant well for the region, but that is what is happening. Not sure what it means yet, but we played a role.

Our government is currently negotiating with Iran at the same time Iran states the complete destruction of Israel is nonnegotiable. But this same government will not tolerate a baker who doesn’t want to make a cake for a gay wedding.

We’re hearing what’s happening in Indiana. Travel boycotts to the state by other state governments?

We do live in that crazy world that we thought we’d only see in a Hunger Games movie. While all of it happens around us, we’re tuning into Ellen DeGeneres for a good belly laugh; we’re amusing ourselves with beauty pageants and talent shows. In many ways, we are those same people¬†from the movies. The best of us. Gluttons for pleasure while all of it happens around us.

Sometimes when I see what evil is doing around the world or in our own families, I get angry. When I want to be, I am the best prosecutor and just want to rip shreds into every argument that evil can offer. Peter from the Bible might have something to say about that though. Or Gideon. The balance between justice and mercy is a daily battle for me. Jesus is the perfect example.

There is something we can do. Like Esther, we are alive at a time like this. We can say something. We can — we must — start in our own home. I love the discussions Abby and I have together. She has so many important things to say. We have something called the Internet. We can pray.

Trust God.



January 24, 2011 2 comments

When the e4 project was introduced, I immediately identified with the 4-step process, because I am living it.

Photo: 9-12 Tea Party, AP

1. Enlightenment

The 9-12 Tea Party in Washington, DC was my aha moment. It was a typical Saturday at home; I flipped on FOX News, and they were covering the 9-12-09 event. Up to that point, I was not a fan of Glenn Beck. In fact, I happened across an old facebook status of mine from July 17, 2009, reading, “he might be right, but I’m not a big fan of Beck.” Not sure why; maybe it was an impression. But all that changed on 9-12 when I saw what was happening in DC. I knew right then, and still remember it like it was yesterday, that something was happening in the country, and Beck appeared to be leading the charge.

2. Education

I began to watch and listen to the Glenn Beck Program differently than I had any other program, because I was using it to educate myself for a purpose. The York 912 Patriots would later serve as an important means of education for me. I still remember my first York 912 Patriots meeting last year. By the way, I have had plenty of opportunities to start my own groups with people I have assembled over the years, but have always said, this is not about starting a group. Organizing alone is not the answer to our problems; people are the key. But there is something different about the York 912 Patriots. I knew something bigger was happening through them, and immediately made it a priority to attend their monthly meetings.

Photo: 8-28 Restoring Honor, AP

3. Empowerment

When Beck started talking about the Restoring Honor Rally on 8-28, I determined to be there and take a few friends. So many people wanted to go; one carload turned into several, and it took off from there. On June 29, 2010, which is my birthday, I chartered a bus from the Red Lion Bus Company, which eventually turned into three 55-seat motor coaches–something I had never done before. 8-28 was the first time in my life that I felt I could make a difference.

4. Entrepreneurship

My enlightenment, which led to my education, which led to my empowerment, has led me to create the Advancing Honor Rally–something I have never done before. I believe this day will inspire someone in the crowd, who, for the first time in their life, will believe they can make a difference.

It’s Your Time…

Have you had your aha moment? Maybe it was 9-12, 8-28, or you just had it reading this.

Read the York 912 Patriots Facebook Page. Attend the York 912 Patriots Monthly Meeting.

Have you been empowered? Maybe it was 8-28 or will be 5-27. You can make a difference.

You might doubt your ability to create. Don’t–one step at a time, you can. We will help you.

The e4 project, as seen in the photos above, was presented on the Glenn Beck Program.


January 6, 2011 1 comment

A couple months ago, I went over to my dad’s house to help him clean out his garage (which already happens to be clean; there is a rumor they even vacuum it lol). A man walking his dog came toward us. As he passed by, he just stared at us, as if he was studying our every move. I bet he was thinking, Hmm, I should go clean out my garage too. I looked down the street, and saw other people cleaning out their garage. I said out loud, these people are conformists!

After Thanksgiving, I went over to dad’s to help him put up Christmas lights on the shrubs and bushes in the flowerbed in front of their house. As he put so much effort into that little piece of earth, as I carried boxes and boxes filled with “stuff”, as I thought back to my earlier visit to the same neighborhood and how people are living by a standard they see on Target commercials or from watching their neighbors, I saw exactly what is happening in America.

As you can see by looking at all those leaves, my dad is actually doing more than just tending to his garden.

We are spending our effort, time, and money on caring for the little garden in front of our house (What, so the neighbor across the street can see it?), when the world is caving in around it. Nothing wrong with having a garden or clean garage lol, but it is a lie of society that stuff like that should be number one on our priority list. We can be so wrapped up in our own little world, when there is something happening out there way beyond ourselves.

Can one person make a difference? Yes, but you might have to totally change your mindset on how you spend your time and money. Instead of buying that new lawn ornament, give that money to an important cause. Instead of going on your dream vacation, give your time to pursue your dream.

There is a time and place for buying things and enjoying free time, but the times in which we live require that we also give time to what really matters.

Making a difference might require that you spend less time and money on fixing the little piece of earth in front of your house and more on cultivating the world around it.

One step at a time, you can.